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The  WFC Story...

Chef Sean Guy, formerly of The World Wrestling Federation Restaurant, NY and The Hard Rock Cafe, MD founded Water for Chocolate Catering in May 2006.

After years spent in an Executive Chef capacity with such casual dining establishments as Planet Hollywood and Dave & Busters, Sean longed for a simpler, more direct conduit to his guests. His signature sweet potato bread pudding w/ crème angalise, Italian sausage meatloaf and kick-A$$ egg salad w/ crispy prosciutto & avocado are readily available at Water for Chocolate.


If you have read the book, then stop by and experience his version of "Water for Chocolate".
And if you have not read it, there is a well thumbed copy waiting for you at the Chef's table.

Meet The Team


Sean Guy Owner, Executive Chef


Quiana Sous Chef

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